PAYS: Brazil
LABEL: Venga Venga!
ALBUM: Seres Hibridos
STYLE: Brazilian Future Folklore
LINE UP: 2 (Chant, Electronique)
TOURNÉE: toute l’année

Tropical Extravagant Dance Live Set of the Brazilian duo based in Lisbon-Portugal.

The project of Denny Azevedo and Ricardo Don invites you to transcendence, displaying sounds and aesthetics that go from the eccentricity of remote cultures to the most metropolitan subversions. Musically they offer a sonic journey through myths and rhythms from every continent, blending their research and authorial music project. Throughout vocal experiences, mixing samples with their own lyrics, Venga Venga leads their performances to a sensitive experience of collective catharsis, giving the audience the role of “collective interpreter” instead of simple witness. Cultural agitators at Brazilian scenario, they’ve been involved in the most important street festivals in São Paulo and other cities. Nowadays based in Lisbon, they got involved with the Portuguese youngest music scene through many collaborations and gained their own space at the monthly artistic residence in one of the most charismatic venues in the Portuguese capital, Musicbox. In 2019 they present their show at the MaMA Festival & Convention in Paris as part of the official representation of Portugal as the Country Focus of the Festival.