PAYS: Argentine
LABEL: tba
ALBUM: Louta
STYLE: Electro Pop Cumbia Theatrale
LINE UP: 3 (Chant, danseurs)
TOURNÉE: décembre

 The artist revelation of the Argentine music in 2017.

LOUTA is him, his record, his stories. It’s the artists that accompany him, the technicians, the audience, it’s every show. Everything that the internet generation feels as its own. Fresh artist who makes himself own all popular genres of today and deforming to irony generates a crispy mixture on the outside and soft inside.

At the end of 2016 he released his debut album “LOUTA”. In 2017, LOUTA became the local leader conquering thousands of fans who accompany him in each show. From the stage, his shows continue to mutate and find form from dance to scenography, giving rise to a UNIQUE PRESENTATION in time and space. Felix became the first official video devised by Jaime James himself. Pastel colors, ice creams and babies. In less than a year, LOUTA swept the stages of Lollapalooza, Ciudad Cultural Konex, Niceto Club, La tangente, La Bienal de Arte Joven, Undertones Córdoba, Festival Nueva Generación Córdoba, Movistar Fri Music and Tokyo.

“With 23 years is one of the pop revelations of the year, his shows are a party where music is combined with performance; of artistic lineage is the son of Diqui James, creator of Fuerza Bruta, and the choreographer Ana Frenkel. Symbiotic between electronics, cumbia, trap and theatricality decanted in this emerging artist whose live shows rely on the renewal of indie “. – Billboard Magazine

Louta has eight very different themes with the same stamp: the new. The ¬first three cuts of diffusion are “Sigo sin entenderte”, “Que bien que estoy” y “Alto uach”. Crunchy beats, samples that take us beyond time, catchy melodys and lyrics which rub bittersweet irony are the recipe of a record that shocks at first sight.