PAYS: Allemagne/Tunisie
LABEL: Analog Africa
ALBUM: The Good Samaritans
STYLE: Afro Groove
LINE UP: 1 (dj)
TOURNÉE: Juin-Septembre 2023

An iconic record label needs a signature sound, a unifying element that makes all its releases stand out as its own. Analog Africa undoubtedly has that. Its records are unmistakable, whether they’re from Benin, Somalia, Cameroon or Cape Verde. They all have that distinctive blend of funk, soul and local traditions with a gloriously chaotic analogue charm – Analog Africa’s records always represent the epitome of African groove.

Created by Tunisian/German compiler and writer Samy Ben Redjeb in 2005 the label founder has since travelled to 29 African countries and releases 50 projects obtaining several awards and nominations, including winning the German Record Critics Award at the 2011.Each project explores a scene or artist from anywhere across Africa and Afro-Latin America, building a snapshot of all things funky in that golden period. By dusting off rare finds, locating those responsible, and in many cases interviewing the principle artists behind these recordings, the all encompassing journey from transforming the source material into a sumptuous (and on occasion award-winning) objet d’art is documented for posterity. In the process the world is introduced to obscure rhythms like Sato, Sakpata, Siria, Edo Funk, Dhanto, Sar, Bariba, Dendi, Gandjal, Kazukuta, sounds which are mixed in with all things disco during Samy ́s DJ Sets.


«   Analog Africa’s closing night DJ set was also a revelation – incredibly funky vintage grooves, and these two records show off their taste and the success of their global crate-digging…. » – Bill Bragin, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in NYC

«  The huge hit at WOMEX 2009 was the Analog Africa Soundsystem who played Afrobeat, Afrofunk, Cavacha and Agbadja Classics from the 70s in West Africa as well as some Afro-Latin tunes….. It took the Copenhagen Special Forces to get the Analog Africa crew off the stage that night, as the crowed howled for them to be allowed to continue. » – Afropop

«  Analog Africa exhume le highlife inédit . » – Pan African Music

«  A la recherche des grooves méconnus d’Afrique et d’Amérique latine. » – Le Monde