La Yegros

PAYS: Argentina

LABEL: Soundway records
ALBUM: Magnetismo
STYLE: Latin Folk Electronica
LINE UP: 4 (vocals, keys/accordion, guitar, percussions/electronics)
BOOKING: Worldwide/Monde
TOUR:  March/April (America/Africa), April/May (EU), July/August (EU), Oct/Nov (EU)

Argentinian singer-songwriter La Yegros is set to release her second album ‘Magnetismo’ on March 11th, her debut release on Soundway Records.
The singer named as ‘The Queen of Nu Cumbia’, currently resides in two distinct places – the romantic south of France and the pulsing heart of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Her eclectic music first received attention from major international media such as The Guardian, BBC, Time Out and The Fader, which led to the signing of her first deal, with debut LP ‘Viene de Mi’ released in 2013.
‘Magnetismo’ incorporates Argentinean folk traditions with cutting edge beats and punk attitude that dominate the male orientated contemporary electro cumbia in Argentina. The album integrates her collaborations and influences that were compiled from the impressive 15 international tours over the past two and a half years. The album was written on the road and the material came to life on the road.
The album was produced by King Coya and features Argentina’s folk hero Gustavo Santaolalla and the violinist from electro-tango sensation Bajafono Javier Casalla.
‘Magnetismo’ infuses her old sound with new collaborations that include Puerto Candaleria from Columbia, French based singer Sabina Sciubba from electro pop group Brazilian Girls and the African roots of Lindingo from Reunion Island.

« The flamboyant La Yegros has emerged as queen of the scene. » – The Guardian

« La Yegros has the voice to make all this variety hang together beautifully. Hats off too to producer King Coya (Gaby Kerpel) for his role in creating a sonic feast, a pop album that really pops, never sagging into the rote or predictable. » – Afropop

« If ever Pedro Almodóvar wanted a new muse, he need look no further than La Yegros, the kooky queen of nu cumbia. » – Songlines