LABEL: Ninja Tune
ALBUM: Starfire
STYLE: Electro Jazz Rock
LINE UP: 8 (guitar/effects, trombone/percussions, guitar/drums/vibraphone/electronics, bass/keys, sax/clarinet/guitar, drums, keys, tuba/percussions)
TOUR: spring, summer, fall 2017

The 15-year-old Norwegian collective Jagga Jazzist combines jazz, electronica and progressive rock in their own unique mold. The band is guided by a jazz sensibility and cool skilfulness that allows all its clamouring influences to mix and remix organically.

Having a great live reputation their gigs are complex and episodic, with knotty instrumental counterpoint often interfacing with otherworldly electronics. Summery acoustic guitars jostle with squirts of digital noise and arcing horns. A Jagga Jazzist show is dominated by Jazz harmonies and thumping club-grooves, producing an electrified and hyperactive energy which is beloved by the urban audience and well known in more than their native country.

With their new album Starfire, Jaga Jazzist ups its ante, returning to a more electronic sound while flipping Lars’ characteristically vertical musical stacks into horizontal sequences. “Starfire is neither an improvised album,” Lars explains, “nor was it notated in scores. Composed and recorded over two years and slowly finding its shape in the studio, the music is as intricate and composed as our other albums, but it’s a 100% studio record. We didn’t rehearse once during this period. The idea was to think about the songs as both original songs and remixes.”


« …and I left the venue, on one hand bemused by the retro rock-weighted eclecticism of the material, and on the other, impressed by the sheer energy and dedication of Jaga Jazzist’s high volume performance. » – London Jazz News

« Luminously, predictably brilliant. » – BBC