LABEL: Sofrito
ALBUM: Sofrito super singles
STYLE: Electro World
TOUR: all year

London­-born, Paris-­based Hugo Mendez is the co­founder and A&R behind the renowned Sofrito label ­ responsible for an impeccable pedigree of releases that have found their way onto dancefloors around the world, bridging the gap between a global music heritage and the spirit of a sweaty nightclub, and inspiring a new breed of producers and DJs in the process.

Bringing together a deep musical knowledge and extensive travels with a sharp ear for dancefloor­-rocking tunes, his DJ sets draw on everything from vintage bassline Soukous to dubplate edits of Caribbean Cadence and boogie, passing by DIY electro and forward looking sounds to create a unique balance of hypnotic and percussive rhythms that he regularly showcases at clubs and festivals around the world.

Outside of the DJ booth he has been responsible for numerous compilations focusing on under­represented sounds from the Caribbean such as “Haiti Direct” for Strut Records and the genre­defining “Tumbélé” for Soundway records, as well as writing for the Red Bull Music Academy and producing edits with Jerome Blackjoy under the “Siwo” alias.

Sofrito History

The Sofrito parties started in 2006 in East London ­ bringing together a love of old African and Caribbean music with a background in London club culture and some rather large soundsystems. Swiftly attracting a loyal following, the Sofrito parties have continued irregularly ever since, testing out new locations and spaces but always with an emphasis on a big sound system and an ear for the best dance music and vibes possible.

The Sofrito label started in 2008 with a run of now highly sought­after limited 12″s (check discogs….) before firmly establishing itself in 2010 with the “Super Singles” 12″ series, spreading the sound of the Sofrito dancefloor to the wider world. Balancing a mixture of vintage under the radar sounds, dubby edits and contributions from contemporary producers (including Simbad, Daphni, DrumTalk and Alma Negra), the label continues to set its own agenda in hypnotic and percussive dancefloor mayhem, with releases being played by DJs from Gilles Peterson to Ben UFO, MCDE to Ricardo Villalobos.

Now with bases in both London and Paris, Sofrito continues to spread the word at club sessions and festivals the world over, all whilst keeping up a steady stream of releases continuing with the cult Super Singles as well as exploring further waters with the highly successful Island Series.


« One of London’s most respected warehouse party series, DJ Hugo Mendez and his Sofrito crew have built a name for themselves as top quality purveyors of Tropical sounds of all sorts. » – Strut

« Sofrito have cornered the market on don’t-be-worried-about-anything-ever music. » – The Fader