LABEL: Philophon records
ALBUM: Mam Yinne Wa
STYLE: FraFra Gospel
LINE UP: 8 (vocals, horns, keyboards, drums)
TOUR: May-September 2023

Alogte Oho is Ghana’s No. 1 Frafra Gospel singer. In his early twenties he produced his first album, which gained him some recognition. But, after this first step into a music career, a serious accident forced him to stay at hospital for month. Thankful for having survived he wrote the song “Mam Yinne Wa” – God, You love me so. After he had recovered he went straight into the studio and recorded that song. It immediately became a hit and Alogte was suddenly on the top of all Frafra gospel singers.

In 2013 German producer Max Weissenfeldt visited the land of the Frafra people. When he left the bus, one of Alogte’s songs had been played loudly on a large speaker system at the bus station. Instantly Weissenfeldt was captured by the voice. He immediately arranged to meet Alogte and they started to record their first 7″ release “Zota Yinne” for Weissenfeldt’s own label Philophon. The follow up 7″ was the above mentioned “Mam Yinne Wa” in a newly recorded version. As the first version became a local hit, now the new version became a worldwide favorite for many new fans. One of them is called Questlove.